Logo Maker Software

Logo provides vital information about a company that allows consumer to identify with the company's core brand. A well-designed, logo can communicate what your organization does in seconds. We provide logo maker software to design and print various kinds of commercial logo in different colors, sizes and shapes as per your need.

Price : $45

Logo Maker Software


Procedural Screenshots

Above screenshot shows Buisness Logo designed using DRPU Logo Maker Software.

Software Features
  • Instantly creates professional business logo using inbuilt templates, icons as well as images.
  • Provides option to specify the color and background settings of logo including Solid Color, Gradient Color, Select Style and Fill Image.
  • Allows you to design business logo in various shapes like rectangle, ellipse and rounded rectangle.
  • Enables you to add signature as well as WordArt on the designed Logo.
  • Design commercial logo by using different designing objects.
  • Empowers you to capture any part of screen to add on Logo.
  • Easily prints created business logo using inbuilt flexible printing settings.
  • Provides option to insert Watermark on Logo.