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Barcode Batch Processing

Barcode Batch Processing

If you want to generate list of barcodes, click on “Barcode batch Process” button from left panel of screen.

There are three methods for generating series such as -

1 Sequential Series - Using this method, you can generate barcode list in sequence.

2 Constant Value Series – In this method, insert value and count to create constant value list.

2 Random Series – You can generate random list of barcode using random series method.

Once you select series generating method click on button to a Create Header List, b Create Value List.

You can also import list using c Import Header List and d Import Value List.

Copy Barcode

Copy Barcode

Software provides facility to copy created barcode. Just click on “Copy Barcode” button. Confirmation message “Barcode is copied successfully” window will be appeared as shown in above screenshot.

Import List

Import List

You can Import barcode list. Just follow given steps –

1 Click on “Import List” button. Select Barcode Value File window will be appeared.

2 Choose files of type either text files (.txt) or CSV file (.csv) as per requirement.

3 Select file which you want to import.

4 Click on “Open” button to open selected file.

Save image file

Save image file

Save designed barcode, by clicking on “Save Barcode” button for future usage. Browse location where you want to save generated barcode.

Then click on “OK” button.

Save Image Format

After clicking ok button, following save image format window will be displayed –

Save Image Format

Choose image format (like JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP etc.)

Print Settings

Print Settings

To print your designed barcode, click on “Print Settings” button from left panel of screen and set various print settings option like –

1 Rows and Columns

2 Margins (Left and Top)

3 Alignment (Auto Center)

4 Barcode space (Horizontal and Vertical)

5 Select printer name and paper used

Once set all print options, click on “Print” button to start actual printing process.

Note – You can see print preview before final printing, by clicking on “Print Preview” button.

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